SwimRun Training

1. Is Swim run fun?

Yes! It is a lot of fun to train with a group of motivated individuals who want to try a new and growing sport.

2. How many swim run races are there around the world?

There are over 300 challenging SwimRun races held all over the world and four in the USA.  Check out World of Swimrun for a complete calendar.

3. Is SwimRun Safe

 Yes, our SwimRun races are organized by  athletes who have completed the Swim Run World Championships in Sweden.  We offer races which are located in areas designated for swimming. Our running courses avoid streets as much as possible and we always  emphasize safety during competitions.

4. What equipment is required for SwimRun?

One of the great things about Swim Run is that it requires very little equipment.  You wear swimming goggles and running shoes.  We have specially designed shoes for races but, any running shoes will work.  Swim paddles and wetsuits are optional during races. 

5. Are there local SwimRun races in California?

Yes, we have developed California race courses modeled after the ÖTILLÖ races held in Sweden. Checkout our race page for more information on upcoming races.

6. Why do competitive teams have two people?

Swimrun emphasizes teamwork and safety, therefore you and your partner must remain within 20 feet of each other at all times.

7. How do I get started?

Check out the World of Swimrun race calendar.

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Ragnar Running Team