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Congratulations to everyone who raced in our March 25th, 15k race.  you can see some of the race photos here.


California SwimRun co-founder was featured in Slow Twitch, see his journey here.

If you are interested in racing swimrun internationally, check out the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Merit Races, these are a great way to try longer races and qualify for the ultimate swimrun race, the ÖTILLÖ World Championships in Sweden.

Jonas Colting and his partner Love raced the 15k in 2017.  Check out Jonas’ post race talk on the origins of swimrun.

Here is the SlowTwitch article on California SwimRun.

We sent Andy and Daemon as our team from California SwimRun to ÖTILLÖ this year for the second time.  Rich Roll and his partner Chris Hauth also competed and detailed their experiences in their podcast.

There was also a NY Times article on the ÖTILLÖ competition.


Here is the video you’ve been waiting for.

You can see our shorter promo video from the January 22k race here.  Our video features Mats Andersson, one of the original four ÖTILLÖ founders and Maja Tesch, of the 2015 ÖTILLÖ winning women’s team.

If you are looking for a race in 2019, check out the Spring Sprint on May 4th, it's being hosted by KOZ events and part of the triathlon weekend.

7 legs of alternating 500 mt swim and 2.2 km runs, 10.3 km (6.4 mi) total racing distance.

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Find out what it’s like to compete in a swimrun race from those who have raced.  Becca has her race report posted here and first time swimrunners Sean Coetzee and Joe Graves share their experiences on the course.


Take a look at this article on the growth of SwimRun in the USA

California Swim Run Race Series

Sean and Andy competed the ÖTILLÖ Swim/Run World Championships 2015 in Sweden, you can check out the video here.

ÖTILLÖ, the original and toughest race of the fast growing endurance sport “swimrun”, celebrated its 11th anniversary September, 2016. The 75 km gruelling race of trail running and open water swimming over and between 26 islands, in the stunning Stockholm archipelago. Check out the rest of the article on Triathlete Europe.


Otillo 2015

Racing in Sweden

Anders Malm starts the Utö Race with a bang!

Anders Malm starts the Utö Race with a bang!

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