California Swim Run introduced the exciting sport of SwimRun to Southern California on September 20th, 2015 with the Mission Bay 12k Sprint.  Inspired by the Swedish sport that is rapidly sweeping the world, there are now over 500 swimrun races worldwide.

For the 2018 race season, we have one an exciting race for you and your teammate.

March 25th California SwimRun 15k Race

Registration is now open.

See the TV8 Interview with the California SwimRun founders and a team of competitors.


California SwimRun Rules

When ÖTILLÖ started in 2006 no one knew it would be the start of the swimrun movement around the World. The ÖTILLÖ races and racers are growing in many countries and more races are being added to the ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN WORLD SERIES.

Check out the Slow Twitch Article on SwimRun 2016

California Swim Run International Team Competition

Andy Hewitt and Sean Durkin represented California Swim Run at the the ÖTILLÖ Swim/Run World Championships in 2015, Andy came back in 2016 with Daemon Anastas.  Andy and Daemon plan to return in 2017 once again.

Otillo 2015 California Swim Run

Otillo Course

Otillo 2016

California Swim Run USA Team Competition

Check out Erin Hunter, California SwimRun racer and winner of Casco Bay SwimRun 2016

Team Valhalla

Here are some links to videos from past swim/run races in Sweden

2015 UTO Swim/Run (Start):

VIDEO of 10 years of ÖTILLÖ and the beginning of SwimRun showing the early days of ÖTILLÖ until today: